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What is going on?

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January 2020

, as they reinforce one another.
. (Paywalled)
dog-whistling e.g. health freedom and spreading disinformation.

December 2019

: or how "socially conservative leftism" will never be the answer to right-wing populism
: a series of articles that look at how the 2010s evolved from wary optimism to cynic rage
of the best news of 2019
of all the species that became extinct during the 2010s.
. (Unfortunately, this thing is paywalled - ETA: perhaps only paywalled in US? viewable OK from This issue affects New Zealand. )
and how he grew disillusioned with Jones' conspiracy worldview. (Paywalled. Short version: Jones' on-the-air hysterics and machismo aren't an act. He really is that unhinged. He also instructed his employees to flat-out make stuff up for the sake of sensationalism.)
by the FBI.
: Analysing dominant cultural mores in video games and how they affect narrative and gameplay, specifically with an emphasis on decolonization and presenting alternative narratives versus the dominant one about exploitation and eradication.

November 2019

to the public about the Bolivian election and coup
the militarization of the southern US border.
or how Disney is strangling moviemaking with its risk-avoidance and traditionalism
medieval feudalism
like PG&E from doing what they did in California
: ""
– "if you sprinkle magic on top, you can sell people anything"
: The massacre the Alt-right.

October 2019

– from Hemant Mehta's site
, courtesy We Hunted the Mammoth.
A view from a woman working with sexual offenders.
on capitalism's survival prospects.

September 2019

. Thanks for letting us know you care so much about the plight of the slaves that you decide to have your fucking wedding there.
, political scientists are saying.
." Yes this is The Onion.
, one of the little-known men behind Boris Johnson and Brexit.
" - Beau of the Fifth Column

August 2019

: she also starred in 1988 movie Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell, a film so bad that it was parodied in MST3K, and worked as a chiropractor.
? Astrologists say uncertainty and helplessness are fueling their industry.

July 2019

, playing RationalWiki bingo!(self promotion warning)
" by Isaac Arthur
for premium prices, after promising to take it off sale.
wellness trend is dying away in favour of more scientific thought. She reports about how much of a flop London's GOOP fest has been
QAnon Right?" (No.)
Hell" - America's new concentration camps
Evangelical Christians facing crisis over hypocritical support for Trump
" - The Onion

June 2019

, even in places like Wales, where Welsh independence is growing.
: Anna Merlan at AutismOne
, a pro-Trumpian microblogging service.
and what it means for the relationship between DNA and concepts of "race", by Oscar Schwartz in the Guardian.
Who knew?

May 2019

. Re the Sweden rape allegations.
Soviet citizens.
Ref also
- The Onion
by John Oliver
. These days, a good portion of the fandoms of nerd franchises such as the MCU, Star Wars and Game of Thrones - which is to say, consumer products fielded by megacorporations - gets far too defensive upon reading criticism thereof, and would do well to engage in some self-reflection.
- Internet Infidels
- Al Jazeera